Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pho and I

Should it be Pho and Me? Grammar was never my strong suit, I much prefer to check out new noodle/asian/Vietnamese spots. Sunday night BYOB is also high on my list, so we decided to walk down the street 6 pack in hand and try it out. 

The decor of the place is pretty cool, but only for half of the space. I guess they ran out of time or money to finish the other side, or maybe it's just a white wall on purpose. It's also large enough that I can't quite figure out if they want people to dine in or just carry-out. I'm guessing they want both and should have enough room to accommodate people.

As far as the food goes, I think the major summary is fine, nothing special and not better than the local shops 1/10 of the distance (seems like there is one on every corner). We ordered two starters, the vegetarian egg rolls and crispy wantons. They were fine, nothing special. The crispy wantons were far better, and seemed like a better value since you get six versus four egg rolls, both priced at 4.25.


For the main course I went with the house specialty, or so i thought. Since the name of the place contains Pho, I decided to try Pho, which is a typical Vietnamese noodle soup dish. There were plenty of options on the menu that I would want to try, noodle dishes, soups, curry, rice etc, but I figured what better place to check out Pho. 

Unfortunately I either do not like Pho, or it was not done very well. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to Pho and I, and conclude I'm not the biggest fan of a huge bowl of broth, noodles and some chicken. 

There simply wasn't much flavor, even with the all the onions, basil, lime and whatnot. I added a healthy helping of the hot sauce, and a dash of soy sauce to get my required dosage of sodium. Oh well, next time I end up there, if I do, I'll try something else. My friend had the curry and loved it, so maybe I just ordered wrong. Hard to believe since Pho is in the title but that's not the point. 

My other friends ordered a rice dish, and a pad thai. Everyone else agreed that the food was fine but not great, all reasonably priced at (6.95-7.25 per plate) but noticed that no one was completely satisfied. Usually I walk away with slight pains from consuming too many noodles or egg rolls or some combination, but not tonight. And what's really interesting is that when you look at the servings when they arrive, it seems like there should be plenty of food. Maybe we were all unusually hungry tonight, but it just struck me as odd that we felt we could still eat more. 

In any event, Pho and I serves decent food (try the curry?) but nothing special. The value is on par with what you expect, but maybe the portions are a tad small. This seems like a perfect candidate for a 3/5 score. I don't know if I'll be running back since I already have local favorites for asian noodles and rice. If you are in the neighborhood craving Vietnamese or noodles, go for it. Otherwise stick with what you know and enjoy. 

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