Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comeback Tour

Is anyone still out there? Deleted from the bookmarks? My apologies  It has been over three months since my last post and that doesn't even really count because it was one post in a very long drought. Safe to say I've been a little distracted/busy since the November elections (and basically all last year) to have the time/energy/resources to keep on the food world. This isn't an announcement of a grand return to multiple postings each week - that is still the game plan but might take a few more weeks to execute. Nor is this a farewell and shut down. We'll get through this and return to the glory days in short order - with a surprise twist no less. Stay tuned.

The post? It appears I haven't missed TOO much with regards to the Chicago dining scene the past few months (even though I've been largely absent from this city anyway) and there are not a ton of recent, well regarded openings to catch up on. However, I did manage to make it to Bub City the other week because I'm always interested in trying new BBQ, and also always interested in the latest Melman/LEYE project.

Overall I was very happy with my experience. The food was solid with great sauces to try, we had plenty of it and didn't feel like we over paid. The crowd was great, slammed and ready for the live music to start (which probably happened shortly after I left). The decor is exactly what I would expect from a BBQ/country music spot in the heart of river north. I really like the beer can American flag behind the bar. I did find it amusing that people ALMOST look like they could have been going to RPM or Paris Club and not a honky tonk ribs and beer place - but hats off the team for getting that kind of crowd.

The food. We ordered a lot. I was joined by my BBQ partners in crime Barisa and Joel. We started with the giddy up fries and fried pickles, followed by ordering both platters that included ribs, chicken, hot link, pulled pork and brisket. I'm glad we could try everything. Each platter comes with two sides - we tried the corn off the cob, spoonbread, buffalo tots and sweet potato fluff. There are three sauces to choose from, a hot sauce, a spicy mustard and regular sweet. (I think).


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