Friday, January 29, 2010

Beard Papa's

Full disclosure, I am not a pastry or dessert person. But I had to check out this new place that is getting a lot of buzz, even more impressive since it's located in the underground pedway of Block 37. I was also curious about a spot where the main attraction costs $2. Call me crazy but the "buzz" to cost ratio was all I  needed to make the pilgrimage underground.

This will be short and sweet, pun intended. I don't know much about cream puffs, and I'm not a huge sweets person. But I could see how these little pastries stuffed with custard are top notch and have propelled this company to franchise nation wide. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you can see how your "puff" is made (I had no idea how it was done). They bake all the pastries first, and then stick them on a little injector of custard depending on what you ordered. I know, not rocket science, just kind of funny/cool. I went with the original pastry (there are 4 choices) with vanilla custard (also 4 choices including ice cream).

Anyway, the product is great, people were in there lined up ordering by dozen. If I liked pastry custard, or knew someone that did, I too would buy a box. I also would go back and try the ice cream filled pastry, or the smoothies. Since I don't venture down Block 37 often it might be tough to accomplish.

I give my personal experience a 3/5 since I don't love custard filled anything, but the quality of the place is definitely 4/5 (I have no idea what a 5/5 custard filled pastry would taste like). Check it out all you cream puff fans, probably the best in town.


After/In progress

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  1. I had no idea these cream puffs have gone so far around the globe! We have them here in Singapore too and they are pretty amazing, though I am no slouch in the pastry/dessert making and eating department :D



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