Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Switzerland Food

I was surprised and thrilled to find out my first dinner at the Chalet in Villars was going to be another home chef cooked meal. I was with a family of 6 so in some ways, having a chef come to you is easier than bringing 7 to the chef. The three course meal was great, the main course below was pork stuffed with pruns I think.

Unbelievable dessert, home made banana cheesecake. I'm not a cheesecake person, but this was ridiculous.

Nothing caps the night like Drambuie
The last night in Switzerland we went out to dinner for Raclette. This is a type of cheese native to the region, and served as you see below, in a big melted mess on your plate. They heat up the cheese in front of the fire, then scrape off the melted cheese onto your plate. You eat it with bread, potatoes, and dried meat. When you finish one plate, they take it away and give you more until you say stop. As long as you don't have a cholesterol problem, the meal is amazing. 

Melted cheese and dried meat

Put it together and you have a good plate of cheese with a potato and meat.

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