Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bin Wine Cafe

On a cold and blustery night it's hard not enjoy good wine and hearty food that sticks to your bones. Though we did not exactly plan on stopping into Bin Wine Cafe that evening, we were happy to find 3 seats at the bar and a respite from the elements. Not looking for a full meal, our goals were simple: taste some wine and snack on tasty food. Each of us ordered a wine flight in order to sample the variety of choices Bin serves. I went with the house label, the BIN flight. My companions went with a red flight and an "express yourself" white flight. Each flight was around $13.50 for 4 glasses (2.5oz pours, plenty to get a feel). I particularly enjoyed the cabernet sauvignon, so much that I ordered a full glass and convinced my friend to do the same.

As for the food, the three of us ordered the soup of the day (tomato sourdough), side of mac and cheese, side of french fries with garlic aioli and a pizza with mushrooms and garlic. The soup was fantastic and served pipping hot. I did the most damage on the mac and cheese, made with small pieces of ham and reminded me of the childhood classic mac 'n cheese with hot dog bites. Finally, the pizza was the perfect feel good dish with cheese and garlic galore. Nothing says comfort food like pizza, wine, soup and mac and cheese. The fries were a late addition and probably unnecessary, but I enjoyed trying the garlic aioli and well seasoned fries served in a pint glass. All in all an unexpected delight to have stumbled into Bin Wine Cafe. I shouldn't be surprised as the Bin family is known for high quality, but always nice to experience it firsthand. The bill was a little surprising at first when it arrived, $105 for 3 people with no bottle of wine and no entre. But like most good meals, the drinks are half the bill ($13 flight + $8 glass), so the food was well priced for the quality and taste. I would recommend Bin, especially for those in the neighborhood looking for a great wine spot and no fuss.

The BIN wine flight, second glass is the cabernet, my favorite

Awesome and hearty mac and cheese

Garlic fries with aioli

Our White Pizza, tasted as good as it looks

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