Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bakin' & Eggs

UPDATE: I know this is what I wrote back when I first went to the place, but the more I think about my experience, the more I realize I was disappointed. I still believe that they offer unique dishes and things that you would not normally prepare, but the more I think about the food, the more I realize they fell short on execution. I would give it a 2.5/5, which means it's right in the middle of recommending and not. I would imagine some days and some dishes are awesome, and the rest of the time you walk away disappointed that the creative dish didn't come out as expected. Anyway, check it out and let me know how it goes.

I'm not usually a brunch person, but finding good spots close to home is always a bonus and this fits the bill. They present a simple menu with unique choices that taste good and doesn't break the bank. I was also surprised by the size of the place, as well as the decor, which is simple single color walls with wood chairs and tables all around. In order to justify leaving my house and paying for breakfast food, there needs to be something unique or special on the menu that I could or would not normally prepare easily. They accomplish this goal by presenting interesting combinations of usually straightforward ingredients to create a dish. The two we sampled were the cinnamon raisin breakfast sandwich ($8) and banana bread french toast ($9). I think I out-ordered this round with the cinnamon raisin sandwich. The sandwich is chicken apple sausage, eggs any style, cheese and of course cinnamon raisin toast. Since I love each ingredient separately, I wasn't surprised to enjoy them all together in a combination I would not think to make. The sandwich is served with a side of maple syrup, which might seem odd at first, but having taken a bite without the syrup, I can advise to eat the dish as the chef envision. The sugar in the syrup makes the sandwich come together because the other pieces are relatively bland on their own. The other tricky part is actually deciding how to eat the thing. I wouldn't recommend picking it up with two hands but it could be fun to try. There is a side of with heavily season breakfast potatoes (I say heavy because it was good, but by the end you've had enough) or you can choose cheese grits or cheesy potatoes. I enjoyed my plate, and would suggest or reorder again, but if I find myself back there I will explore something else.

On the other side of the table, the banana bread french toast was very good but only if you are someone that loves very sweet breakfast items. I loved it because I only took a bite or two. I don't think I could have finished the entire serving because there is an over load of savory goodness. Again, that's not to say it's not good, because it is. But just know what you are getting into with banana bread (one of my favorites) and french toast all served with hazelnut ganache and banana rum cream sauce.

I don't know where most people brunch at, but $20 for gourmet dishes served with a smile is a good deal in my opinion. If you didn't want to spend that kind of money on breakfast food, I'd suggest just stay home and make it yourself. Check this place out for brunch, or better yet for lunch and let me know how it tastes.

Cinnamon raisin breakfast sandwich with egg white

Banana bread french toast

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  1. I was just talking to my friend about checking this place out as it is in her boyfriend's neighborhood! Thanks for the post! How do their savory dishes look? I prefer savory over sweet for breakfast!



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