Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rose's Luxury

I think I found the first restaurant in DC that I am excited about and want a lot of other people to be excited about too. The name is Rose's Luxury and it is located on Barracks Row. It's a small ish restaurant that does not take reservations. I fully support that policy. The menu is small but has more than enough options. It fits the mood and mold of the establishment. There are four sections (cold, warm, pasta and other goods), plus a "family style" section with two large, share-able plates. Each of the other sections offer three, small and share-able choices with more than half available as or made vegetarian. In addition to a nice menu and small but inviting dining space, the staff was tremendous top-to-bottom. From the moment we walked in to put our names down (quoted hour and 45 minutes on a Friday night), the services was friendly, gracious, funny and attentive. They take your phone number to text you when the table is ready but since they were running late we got a phone call with apologies (I think unnecessary but welcome) and free cocktails when we sat down. 

As you can see from the photos the china and flatware are flat out awesome. Vintage but classy, with detail on the spoons, and awesome use of the small copper pot. It just adds and compliments the complete aesthetic of the experience. What you can't see from the pictures is how good the food tasted, without exception. The bread with bacon bit butter was a great way to start the meal and required restraint to not ruin an appetite. Most restaurants with small plates suggest 2-3 per person. I think you only need 2 at Rose's because the food is rich and filling enough.

We started with the crispy sprouts (with tarragon, mint and winter citrus vinaigrette) and pork sausage, habanero & lychee salad. I loved the sprout salad and would eat that every night. The mint is a great touch with the vinaigrette. A really nice dish. I enjoyed the lychee salad but it's not a flavor or consistency for everyone. The habanero and pork sausage are fun when mixed well with the lychee and cream/onions. The "main" dishes, if you call them that, more like second round of small dishes was the classic french 'pommes puree' (with crispy potato skins and red wine sauce) and a pasta special with shaved white truffles. Yea, I was sold as soon as I hear white truffle. The pasta was fantastic and rich and delicious and I want some more right now. Not a cheap dish as a special but worth every penny.

I forget if we ordered the dessert or if they brought it out special. Since I don't' have any record of it or remembered exactly what it was I won't comment. But it was tasty. If we had room we would ordered the popcorn soup since everyone raves about it.

I've been somewhat down on the DC eating scene recently but Rose's has brought back the faith. It's the best meal I've had in the city and a very well rounded dining experience with great service, delicious food and a fun atmosphere. I'm afraid if too many people catch on the already long wait times get silly, but that's the price to pay for a great meal. Look forward to getting back soon.

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