Saturday, January 30, 2010

Charlie's Ale House - Navy Pier

What's the best place to eat lunch on a saturday at Navy Pier? I don't know the answer, but Charlie's wasn't a bad option. We were meeting friends who were in town and wanted a simple, quick meal that wasn't fast food. I thought there were more eating options, but I guess not. Harry Carry's is being built, so that adds a solid option, but not available today. We didn't want Bubba Gump, expensive Rivia, or the non Michigan Ave. Billy Goats. I walked past Charlie's on the way in, so we gave it shot.

I forgot it was part of the "Charlie's" enterprise, my favorite being the original Charlie's On Webster. The menu was fine, cheap and the food pretty good all things considered. Those things being the crazy crowds, families, noise, etc. But that's what you get at Navy Pier so no fault the Charlie. 

I ordered the special, which was a vegi wrap served with fries or soup. I was impressed, large portion with a pretty tasty light dressing. The vegetables were fine, I could have used a little more flavor from the dressing or other seasonings, but perfectly acceptable. The tuna melt my friend ordered was also huge, served with fries, and quite tasty.

The service definitely could have been better, but again, comes with the territory. The portion sizes were plenty and the value actually not bad ($8 sandwiches). I would say this is a good place to grab a decent meal while hanging out at the Pier. I would go back if I had to eat a meal amongst the tourists, but that hasn't been a common situation.

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