Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Private Dinner for two: Tuna four ways

Our last night in The Hague featured a personal dinner cooked by Chef Wouter. Our only request was Tuna and vegetables, he did the rest. A fantastic meal, especially when you can eat in your pajamas. My favorite courses were the second course with pumpkin, and of course the white chocolate suffle. The tuna and beet dish was my least favorite, only because I thought the beet flavor overpowered the delicate tuna pieces. I am still waiting for the official menu, so I can't give accurate descriptions. When I get the menu I will update captions.

The menu is as follows:

Canneloni of Tuna Filled with Cucumber and Celery.  Seaweed salad, Pickeld Ginger, Cherry Tomato and Rucola.


Grilled Tuna with Marinated Pumpkin and a Sweet Carrot Marmelade and Hoijiblanca olive oil.


Baked Tuna with Red Mustard and Herbs, Spinach, Salsify and a Poched Quaille Egg.


Ravioli from Red Beet filled with Tuna, Glazed Jerusalem artichokes with Star-anis, Fennel with a Crust of Breadcrum and a Black olive Vinaigrette.


Granite from Coffee with a Almond,Lemon Cookie. Amandelkrul in Dutch.

My favorite, tuna with pumpkin

White chocolate suffle with grapefruit slices in marmalade

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