Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nella Pizzeria Napoletana

An authentic, Italian family style pizzeria in the heart of Lincoln Park that accomplishes the goal of light and tasty thin crust pizza. To be honest, we went for a quick early bite to get a taste of the place. The meal consisted of two pizzas and a caprese salad. The first thing that caught my attention with the food was the bread (served with the caprese). I don't know a lot of words to describe bread, but it was soft, salty/tasty, and lightly toasted. It was just yum and served as a good omen for the rest of the food (considering bread is a key ingredient). The caprese was uneventful, and if anything a little overpriced at 7.99 (I'm thinking 5.99). The two pizza's we ordered were the Parmigiano (12.99) and the special of the day Pizza Conadina (14.99). Without doubt the Parmigiano was the better dish, it consisted of Tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, shaved parmesan, basil and olive oil. It was as good as it sounds, crisp on the outside but soft dough, great tasting tomato sauce and fresh eggplant, cheese and oil. How do we know the pizza sauce was so good? The second pizza (the special) didn't have any and it was obvious. The conadina had Italian salami, mini tomatoes, white cheese (not sure what) and arugula. It wasn't bad, but just lacked the same flavor as the other pizza, and the italian "salami" was more like overgrown pepperoni and a little undercooked in my opinion (I'm no expert on italian meats). And at $2 more than the parmigiano, I felt a little silly to say the least.
Aside from the food, the decor was welcoming and the service attentive (maybe a little too much, but it was a slow). The space is surprising large, with a few sections divided throughout. One wall was made out of foosball players (pretty funny), while there were two large TVs by the bar area. Light fixtures were made out of old wine glasses while large plant arrangements hung from the ceiling. However, the best part of the place I noticed is the large mirror hanging above the pizza preparation area that allows the customers watch their food from start to finish.
In all the experience, while short and sweet, is something I would recommend and hope to return to try more items. Many families filed in as we were leaving and I suspect the place will do well (a second location is already in the works). This is a good bet for those looking for something other than "Chicago Style" and prefer thin crust "Italian" style.

The very delicious Parmigian Pizza

Foosball Player Wall, Specials of the Day

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