Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Free Cheesburger at Morton's Yesterday

I guess the memo that Morton's Steakhouse was giving away free mini cheesburger from 5-6pm yesterday flew under the radar more than I would have expected. The bar area was full, but not from the likes of cheapskates like me looking for a deal. My friend and I were able to grab a table to sit at and enjoy a drink while we waiting for the servers to come around every 8 minutes or so with free mini burgers. I was surprised by the size and thickness of the mini. Plenty of meat and goodness to qualify as a "bite." We lasted 3 rounds, which was probably one round too many. My only complaint is that during "happy hour" times, everything off of their bar menu is only $5 (that's a good deal). Normally three mini burgers cost $13, but at this time of night they would only be $5 for the three. After careful calculation, our three rounds of free burgers really was only $10 worth of food. Now I might be getting greedy, but $10 of food wasn't really worth our time, especially when we paid $11.75 for a two-ounce pour of bourbon. Anyway, I'm not a scrooge and am appreciative of the free give away in honor of the 31st anniversary. The food is always tasty, check out that bar menu after work for some good deals.

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