Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hub 51

I went with a large group and ate very well, which is not surprising. We ordered plenty of starters, including three green bites, shakishaki tuna, guacamole, miso-glazed salmon roll and drinks a plenty. I love the tacos, and in the holiday spirit splurged a little and went with the filet tacos for the first time. They were so flavorful and tasty that I didn't even bother using the tortillas. I enjoyed my meat with the rice, beans, and salsa. Others in my group ordered short ribs, the filet, and THE DUDE (aka bone-in rib-eye). It was funny to hear my very masculine friend order "The Dude medium rare please." I didn't hear anything but praise from my fellow diners, which further underscores how impressive it is to have everything on the menu executed well with the diversity of options. And no dinner would be complete without a healthy serving of Martha's Carrot Cake. Hub is one of my favorite places to eat in the city.

The filet tacos

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