Monday, December 14, 2009

Mercadito - 12/11/2009

Interesting place, very trendy (too much imported from NYC?) with well made drinks and pretty tasty food. I went for "daisy hour" (happy hour 5-7pm daily) which has discounted margaritas and a handful (i.e. 4 choices for < $3.5) of appetizers. Details can be found here. The decor is fun and interesting, putting you in the mood to drink and share food. My friend first noticed that they seemed to have put as many tables as possible in this relatively small space. Maybe they want you to share the food with the people next to you? At the bar enjoying our "daisy hour," we tried all four of the available dishes and ended up really enjoying the shrimp quesadilla and the Chicken barbacoa flauta. The other two (Organic steak picada and Mushroom tostada) were only ok. I'm not a huge mushroom person so my opinion might be skewed. The steak picada comes with plenty meat (I'm confident I had never seen a picada before), but the flavor must have been left in the kitchen especially when compared with the flauta and quesadilla. I'd say the biggest surprise was that at 5:30-6 on a Friday evening it seemed the place was still not organized and ready to go. There were servers standing by the bar memorizing the menu and bar aides preparing drink mixers. Again, I was more surprised than anything else that it felt a little out of control at 6pm on a Friday. So much for the "calm" before the storm. Since I had seat at the bar enjoying my food and drink it didn't really bother me. In the end I was happy with my experience and would recommend it to a friend, I just don't think I'll be running back for food outside of their "daisy hour."

P.S. For dessert fans, the Caramel Flan made the list of Best Desserts of 2009 by Time Out Chicago.

Our New Years Eve Feast

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