Monday, December 14, 2009

Crofton on Wells - 12/2/2009

I don't need to say much as many more talented reviews have done that job for me. First and foremost the food tastes great and is not overly complicated. The squash soup and crab cake starters were fantastic. The desert menu looked amazing but we only chose one, the peanut banana crisp thing. Awesome. The main course was a fish dish that I can't remember because it was not on the menu, but the highlight was my girlfriend's pork tenderloin. Perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth flavor. Not surprising a good meal and lived up to expectations. Given what I had read about the place, the awards won and recommendations by friends, I was surprised that our server said that even after 11 years the place is still not well known. They would be doing better in this economic climate with a stronger loyal customer base, but such as it is the doors are open for Suzie to serve quality food and I hope for years to come. It's a perfect date place with a dark, quiet setting. If times were different you could go there more often. Such as it is, the menu is not cheap, but the food is worth it if you are willing to splurge (think $$$$=entrees > $25). Enjoy.

P.S. A great deal is their 3-course $35 Prix Fixe option M-F 5-7pm, S 5-6pm. Something I would go back for in a heartbeat.

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