Monday, December 14, 2009

Branch 27 - 12/10/2009

I think the new menu is an upgrade. The decor is cool and the service great. Interesting menu choices, with the entrees being the weak link. (Reading the menu took an explanation. Two sections of starters, one salad section, two flat breads and the entrees.) We enjoyed the flat bread (best thing we ate that night) and cheese plate (comes with 4 cheeses presented very well with large baked bread and served with a cranberry chutney and apple butter), even if the cheese plate was at the bottom of the menu designed for post meal enjoyment. Their cocktail menu is impressive, and not all that pricey. Apparently the whisky drink I ordered is best served in a martini glass (I went with beer for round 2). The roast chicken was flavorful but I did not enjoy the brussel sprouts served in a cider jus. For some reason it just tasted very pungent. I enjoyed the scallop appetizer (my main dish after consuming lots of flat bread and cheese to start) dish with pumpkin risotto, served with two well cooked and seasoned scallops. Finally my other friend ordered the burger said it was was spot on (I think he won the order award for main course). My only slight gripe was value. A two course meal (2.5?) with drinks adds up quickly. I would say I would recommend this place as a good neighborhood spot where I would sit at the bar and drink with a few small dishes. At the end of the day though, it is definitely more fun than going to the library.

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