Monday, December 14, 2009

DMK Burger Bar - 11/16/2009

Living the area I had to check out the new place in a great location. Everyone I went with was impressed with most aspects of the place and plan a return trip. I think there are a few opening week kinks to work out but that's not unexpected. We enjoyed the burgers, very tasty and flavorful. #1, #12 and #8 were all tried. Loved the beer/spirits list (absinthe!!), fries were up to standard (didn't care for the truffle oil mayo but that's just me) and the deserts topped off the evening perfectly (MUST try the ice cream sandwich). The value is good, just don't expect McDonald's pricing, but you get what you pay for no doubt. Look forward to making frequent trips.

UPDATE: I wasn't the only one who liked the ice cream sandwich. It made TOC's Best Dessert of 2009 list.

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