Friday, December 18, 2009

Vong's Thai Kitchen

Call me crazy but I wanted to check this place out before the door closed in two weeks time. My first thoughts after finishing my meal were some things in life just don't need to be "fused".  As in I am a huge thai food lover, and I enjoy good French fare, but there is little need in my book for both on one plate. Don't get me wrong, their signature pad thai was quite delicious, and the drinks (@7.50) were fun and complimented the flavors well. But at the end of the day the red curry (13.95) was missing something and the chicken Satay (6.95) (while well cooked and seasoned) didn't have the same peanut punch that I love. My least favortie dish was the VTK rocket roll (3 for 7.95), made of shrimp and pork. (maybe rocket in thai means anti kosher?). The shrimp was a little too fishy and the sauce didn't add anything. Our service was fine and the decor intriguing but nothing special. At the end of the day would I go back or recommend to friend? It doesn't matter since it's closing, but I will say they make a mean pad thai. I'd just go to my local thai shop for an entire meal.

Some drinks to get the night started (Sake Ginger and Mango Mimosa)

Tasty Chicken Satay (wish the peanut sauce was more peanuty)

The Chicken Red Curry

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