Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joy's Noodle & Rice

Joy's Noodle and Rice is the best Thai noodle shop I have found in Chicago yet. The fact that it is BYOB only adds to the appeal. There might be better gourmet Thai food restaurants, but for quick and cheap noodles, this takes the cake. I was with a party of 5, so we started with some group appetizers. We tried the dumplings, veggie roll and spring roll. The shrimp/pork dumplings were fine, nothing too crazy. Came with a interesting, mildly thick soy vinegar sauce. The spring roll was your typical thai spring roll, except this came with cream cheese inside. My personal preference is not to include a breakfast spread in sushi or thai rolls, but that is just me. The veggie rolls were by far the best, served with a delicious warm peanut sauce (all rolls $4.50). The good starters led well into the main dishes. I had the spicy chili noodles with chicken ($7.50!!). Not the most complicated of flavors, but that's not why we go to good thai noodle shops. It was as good as I hoped, and filled me up quite well. Any room I had left I saved for the B part of BYOB. Everyone else I was with enjoyed their dish as well, and we were even more enthusiastic when we saw the bill. The menu is plenty big to keep you occupied for multiple visits. With a very high taste per dollar quotient, I think I will be returning to do just that. 

Dumplings and Veggie Roll starters

My plentiful Spicy Chili Noodle

UPDATE: March 9, 2010

We went back to Joy's for a quick and cheap meal Tuesday night. The food was tasty, as always, service quick and prices cheap. Erica went with the typical Pad Thai, and I ventured off the grid a little to try the thai basil leaf with chicken.  We started with the vegetarian spring roll, served with warm, chunky peanut sauce that I could eat right from the spoon. I really enjoy the refreshing pineapple they put in the roll. 

The basil leaf dish is served with white rice and plenty of food. I enjoyed the flavors even with the mounds of mushrooms. The sauce was great with the rice and I really enjoyed the onions and peppers. I probably will stick with the noodles next time, but I wanted to explore the menu. Still one of my favorites in town, very hard to beat the value. 

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