Sunday, December 20, 2009

Belly Shack

Wow my belly is full of interesting and complex flavors after my pilgrimage to Bill Kim's latest spot. I don't know too many chefs out there that can make you ponder how each bite was constructed yet be so compelled to keep going until there's nothing left. The menu only has a few options but I don't think that's a detractor. Having only ordered the meatball sandwich and the lemongrass chicken (there were two of us), I would be tempted to return to explore. The table next to us appeared to be well seasoned and ordered a handful of sides with the lone soup on the menu. Not a bad play call. As for what I tasted, the lemongrass chicken was not your typical Asian offering. I wish I knew everything I was eating but some mysteries are best left unsolved. Needless to say I loved it and didn't share well. It came with two large pieces of bread that i probably was supposed to use to make a sandwich but didn't.  Also included was a small side of cabbage with a vinegar based dressing.  This was useful for cooling off the mouth as there was a nice helping of spice. My partner in crime went for the meatball sandwich that at first look reminded me of a falafill pita. It was served pita style stuffed with meatballs and cold noodles seasoned with magic. One bite of the noodle meatball bread concoction and I was hooked.
If you haven't heard, the decor is as unique as the food. An open, warehouse feel with stools, communal tables and a grey steel feeling. It matches the setting directly under the train well. Check out the bathroom, I thought I walked into a SAW movie. It all works together though to enhance the overall concept.
Lastly, since you order at the front counter and wait for your food at your seat, the initial bill surprised me. However, after eating the meal you realize you have a full belly of unique tasting delicious food. The bill seems appropriate and justified. I recommend checking out Belly Shack, even if it requires a pilgrimage.

Lemongrass Chicken

Asian Meatballs

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