Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snake River Brewing Company - Jackson, WY

I suppose it makes sense that my last post from Wyoming is about my favorite restaurant/brewpub in Jackson - the Snake River Brewing Company. They serve good food (an improvement throughout the years I've been told) and even better award winning beer. In three weeks I've been on the premises 4 times, just to give context to my appreciation. The first two times were for light meals or happy hour (from 4-6pm). Today I went to watch the USA vs. Canada hockey game, and the time previous was for a group dinner. I've ordered their soft pretzel (happy hour), bowl of chili (award winning), spicy peanut noodles and today I went with a salad and wings (an unlikely combo but so the US goal with 25 seconds left).

Even though the pretzel is $1.50 during happy hour, I'd skip it for the wings ($6.75) that are very good. The chili is also tasty, not quite spicy enough for me liking, but you can always change to suit your needs.

I really enjoyed the spicy peanut noodles. Even though I've had a lot of noodle or thai style dishes, everyone does it differently and SRB does it well. The spice level is greater than the average dish so just beware. There's plenty of food too, enough for me to take some home.


Since I needed to recover from last night, I ordered the Winter Salad today to get me off on the right foot. I really enjoyed the mandarin oranges (one of my favorites for salads) as well as the candied walnuts. The dressing was satisfying, though not too overwhelming. My least favorite aspect was the chevre cheese. I either didn't realize or didn't know that chevre is really fancy creme cheese. I'm not a huge fan of those types of cheese, especially on salads. Oh well, I ate around it. For an $8 salad you enjoy plenty of tasty bites.

 Of course no discussion of SRB is fair without mentioning how great their beer tastes. My usual go-to is the Snake River Pale Ale. Deliciously refreshing and light, yet ample flavor to leave you satisfied. I've tried the Tripel Black Diamond and the OB-1 organic ale. The OB is nice and good for the conscious. It's an english style brown ale and reminds me of a mix between IPA and amber style beer. Today I tried something new, Guido's Kolnerbrau. I really liked this beer and was an appropriate compliment to the sunny blue sky and hockey on TV. I ordered two. Many awards hang from the rafters at SRB and for good reason, they make some of the best micro-brews I've ever had. With the food improving to restaurant quality, there are many reason to keep coming back to the Snake River Brewery, as I have done many times in my short stay in Jackson.

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  1. Hey Jeff!
    Glad you came in an once again enjoyed yourself at our little award-winning brewpub in Jackson Hole.
    Give me the heads-up next time you're in town for some suds and skiing.




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