Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meals on the Mountain - Jackson Hole, WY

A few quick pictures of what the on-mountain dining scene at Jackson Hole has to offer.

If you go to the top of Bridger Gondola you get this view for lunch.

You have your choices of eating at the buffet line, or getting a table at Couloir. We sat down and I have a very tasty panini with fries. The service was a little overwhelmed that afternoon (they comped half our ticket), but the food was very good.


On a different day we ate at the bottom of the mountain at Osteria. As the name implies, it's an Italian bistro. My sister and I shared a salad and pizza, both of which were very good. I dabbled at my cousin's pasta dish, which was also very tasty. We ordered the Verdue pizza, filled with veggies. It was very good, but eating half a pizza makes skiing the rest of the day a little tricky. 

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