Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revolution Brewing

What a great way to return the Chicago dining scene after a three week departure. RevBrewChicago is a place I wish was down the block from me so I could visit weekly. I am a big fan of brew pubs in general and Chicago is lucky to have added this one to the ranks.

The first thing notice when you enter is the creative and well placed decor. All of the action of the brewery and restaurant can be seen at the back through large floor-to-ceiling windows. There is a section by the front door with a fireplace (they seem to be in style at the moment - cheap heat?). The large wooden bar is situation in the middle of the room and commands the presence to remind you why you entered through the door - to drink good beer. Also highly prominent is the very creative and appealing logo, the raised fist with 6 pointed star. You can find this logo everywhere, including beer taps and even the wooden posts in the middle of the bar. 

They serve 6 brewed on premises beer, plus another 8 on draught. The beer list doesn't stop there though, with countless options in bottle form. I've been on Pale Ale kick recently so it was an easy decision to try the house brewed Pale. Darker than most "Pales," it still retained a very drinkable and light taste. I was impressed and enjoyed the glass enough to order two. I figure I will return to try the other styles.

Even though we went for a quick drink on a Tuesday night after buying a Wal-Mart computer (yes, we drove to Wal-Mart to grab the last great deal laptop on sale), I could not leave without at least sampling the food offering. The menu is perfect bar style, appetizer selections, burger and sandwiches, select entres and a plentiful pizza selection. Since we already ate dinner, we decided a pizza was the best bet. We choose the Rappini, not because of the name, but because I love roasted garlic. For $12 you get a pizza with: Fontina cheese, roasted garlic, basil and tomato sauce. The flavors were great and there was an ample supply of garlic cloves. Our only minor complaint is that a think crust pizza such as that should be served with a firm crust. The combination of the sauce, garlic and cheese lent itself to be soft and slightly "soggy." It's not a huge distractor as the ingredients still taste great when they hit your tongue, but for the ease of eating a well cooked crust would go a long way.

I'm glad to have made the effort to check out the less than one month old brew-pub. I hope to return soon and recommend a stop to any beer and food loving individual. I wish it were closer to my apartment but some places are worth the trip.

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