Sunday, February 14, 2010

Q Roadhouse - Jackson, WY

This will be quick. I had dinner at Q Roadhouse a few days back after skiing Jackson Hole all day. I think it is one of 3 or so restaurants in the area between Teton Village and the town of Jackson. I crave protein after a long day on the slopes so I ordered a Tuna fillet, which is buried under some wanton crisps, greens and mashed potatoes. The sauce was a sesame sweet glaze, which was tasty at first, but became overwhelming by the end. Ironically I finished everything on my plate, except the tuna because the sweet sauce became too much (I'm usually a huge sauce fan, especially sesame, but this was too heavy on the sugar).

Now the other logically question is why did I order a sesame tuna at Q Roadhouse (think bbq spot with peanut shells all over the floor). The short answer is that I know I will be going back soon and will order the ribs during that visit. The short version of the long answer is that I didn't want meat and I wanted to try and eat something remotely healthy. Breathing clean mountain air and skiing all day makes me want to be healthy (converse to some that give extra leeway due to the exercise). I can also confess that the french fries were amazing, especially when drenched in the house spicy bbq sauce. Anyway, I'll give a more detailed bbq experience when i go back for the ribs, but the food here is always good and the menu is not overly complicated. It's called a roadhouse for a reason, and if you need a break from the Village or Town, check this place out.

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