Monday, February 22, 2010

Q Roadhouse - Jackson, WY Part II

I believe I said in the first post that I would return to Q and try the ribs. I held true to my promise as last week there was a large gathering of 15 people to fine at Q. I'll keep my thoughts to the point. The food is good, especially if you are in the mood for BBQ and "roadhouse" style cuisine. I started with a spinach salad that was very tasty. A little green goes a long way to make me feel better about consuming large quantities of meat. My sister and I shared a full order of the ribs, which ended up being plenty of food (a half portion would have sufficed). When thinking about the ribs I have to say my opinion is mixed. There was plenty of meat on the bones and it was cooked very well. The rub/seasoning on the ribs was also flavorful, but since there was so much meat it didn't last through an entire bite. That brings me to point #2. I love ribs because I love good BBQ sauce and good BBQ can make almost anything delicious. In this situation the BBQ is the weak link, which is very disappointing. They have plenty of sauce bottles on the table, just none that are half as good as Sweet Baby Ray's (or your favorite BBQ). If the sauce were the boss, then the ribs would be king because there is more meat than most people can handle. I've decided if I could bring my own BBQ sauce to the table, I would order one of everything on the menu.

On a slightly different note, the creamed spinach side was absolutely fantastic. You have to be a garlic lover to enjoy the side, and make sure the person going home with you does too. Like I've said before, the food is high quality and I might be a BBQ snob. It's worth checking out because if you like their sauce, you'll enjoy your visit.

 Nice spinach salad to start with feta

 Big plate of ribs and garlic creamed spinach

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