Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fresh - Sushi and Noodles

I know there are a lot of noodle and sushi places in chicago, but this one surprisingly ranks right up there with the best of them. I say surprising because it is so close to my apartment, and located right under the train that I also walked by and chuckled at the location and small interior. But we finally ventured in for dinner and are very happy we did.

I will say I have had their sushi before, and while the quality and taste was very good the price startled me. Their specialty maki rolls can run you $14. There are cheaper sushi joints nearby. However, in this trip I was in a noodle mood so I was very interested to see how it would compare with other favorites like Satay, Joy's, and others. I am very happy to report that the noodles were fantastic, cheap and plentiful (added bonus to find a good spot so close). Since leaving Ann Arbor I have been looking for some place to meet the high standard set by No Thai! in making a great Pad see ew, my favorite noodle dish. The Pad see ew was as good as I've had in a long time. Lots of food, broccoli, spinach and a healthy dose of spices (I asked for it). The sauce is what makes it all work, and this is where most places let me down. Not here though.


The Pad Thai that Erica ordered was also very good, second only to Joy's according to the Pad Thai Queen herself. We also ordered some starters, a hamachi roll, Gomaae and carson had crab ragoon. The Gomaae also surprised me with success. Usually the sesame sauce is really thick, really tasteless or really something not that appealing unless you are at a good Japanese restaurant. Here, the spinach was not ice cold, the dressing light but flavorful and generously served. The hamachi maki was also good, simple but fresh and tasty.

Very tasty and refreshing gomaae
Hamachi maki
The meal was $40 pre tax/tip for 3 people two courses. You can definitely each cheaper if you want, but not bad, not amazing value and the food is good. I will go back for my thai noodle fix, and likely not for any sushi fix since there are cheaper places. Fresh is also BYOB so you could start a good night there too.

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  1. Wow. I love sushi! In fact, I love japanese food! this is one restaurant that I wouldn't miss in our Chicago dating getaway!



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