Monday, February 15, 2010

Nikai Sushi - Jackson, WY

I ended up having a valentines dinner after all, my sister flew all the way from California to make it happen. Well, she was already coming to ski with me but it doesn't take away from our fun, impromptu sushi meal. 

We only ordered two sushi rolls and a dessert, which was all we needed. With the Olympic pairs figure skating on the TV, I'd say the meal was almost perfect...The two rolls were funky hamachi (yes, that's the name) and a special roll with the word geisha in the title. The "funky" rolls featured the entire roll deep fried tempura style and garlic aioli, we simply choose the fish.

I didn't love this roll because I felt between the tempura crust and the aioli the flavor of the hamachi was completely lost. The garlic aioli was also too creamy for my liking, especially with sushi (not that I think I've ever had aioli and sushi). 
The second dish was very good though. If my memory serves me, the roll was a spicy lobster and tempura asparagus, topped with red tuna, avocado and sweet spicy chili sauce. This one I could have ordered again because it was delicious. I'm a huge fan of anything with avocado or tuna and the sweet chili sauce was perfect. The tempura asparagus also added an enjoyable extra dimension. 

However, the show stealer of the evening was our dessert, something that neither one of us planned on until we saw one go by to the table next to us. Honestly, we were trying to get our server's attention for the bill, and when she came over we ordered a fried banana split instead. I don't need to make an comments or descriptions, the picture pretty much sums it up.

So that was our short but sweet (pun intended) meal. While we both had valentines elsewhere in the country this evening, I think we both agree loving siblings isn't a bad alternative.  

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