Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Uncle Julio's Hacienda

A quick lunch yesterday turned out to be more of an adventure than either Erica or I planned. We went to order a simple fajita platter to share, quick, cheap, easy for lunch. While I know Hanger steak is very tasty, I was not expecting to eat Hair-steak. Yes, mid way through our dish I found a hair, and just any hair, but one embedded in the meat. I won't give more detail, but it was probably the worst hygienic restaurant experience to date. I realize it's not a finger, or a dead bug or anything, but still gross. I'm usually  one to move along with the meal, but this wasn't cool.

Our server was great and recognized the disturbing situation right away. She took the food away and brought another whole plate asap; the manger also stopped by and apologized. I took everything in stride, it wasn't my server's fault and mistakes happen. They handled the situation as well as I could ask, and even comped the entire meal (as they should). And while this was quite rare and nasty, I will conclude with acknowledging the good value of the food served, sans hair. After all, we sat and waited for a fresh dish, and continued to eat everything in front of us. the place has always struck me as a little off, and this visit confirmed that. But if you're willing to take the risk, the food is tasty: slightly greasy, tender, buttery and plenty to go around. Also, the prices might be a bit much for what they offer ($17 for fajitas). It would have been a solid meal, and even though it was free, it was a freaky dining experience. Good food, enter at your own risk.

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