Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm usually a big fan of Satay, especially on Sunday nights when I order their combination plates (entree, soup, salad, roll). Erica and I went for a quick dinner Monday night, though it wasn't our first choice. I did not realize/remember that Penny's was not BYO. Since we were walking around with the B, we needed another spot. All said it wasn't a terrible meal, just disappointing compared to previous experiences. Even though we were two of the three customers seated, we had to wait a long time to order our food. Our tuna avocado roll was supposed to be a starter, but didn't show up until after all of the food arrived. Erica's Pad Thai wasn't bad, just not as good as previous times. It's also possible the Pad Thai queen is getting more picky about good noodles. I ventured off to try something new, peanut basil noodles. I love peanut sauce and I got plenty of it. The dish is pretty simple, egg noodles, vegetables and lots of sauce. Even though I love peanut sauce, I wasn't that impressed. Neither the noodles or veggies were flavored well; it really seemed like I could have made the dish. And then to top it all off, I didn't think the value was that great, especially compared to other shops and visits ($25 for two). I likely will order from Satay again, especially when I'm very hungry and get the combo meal. There are better asian noodle places (think Penny's next door or Fresh down the street), but sometimes you just need to mix it up.

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