Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Happ Inn Bar & Grill

Erica and I joined Mr. Levin for a Sunday night dinner at Happ Inn. I had read good things about Happ Inn and how "Happy" people were eating there. We all agreed the meal was good with simple tasty food. The concept also works very well for the area and is very family friendly. If the goal is a family spot serving simple American fare at reasonable prices, they succeeded. However, our experience went downhill as time passed when we realized how poor the service was, how much we didn't like our server (we were served a different year of wine than what is listed on the menu) and that the dessert wasn't that great. The meal was always trending between a 3 and 4 out of 5, but by the time we left is was a solid 3.

We started with the Queso fun-dido, a melted cheese cup with various bread products for dipping (tortilla chips, pita and pretzels). The cheese was warm and smokey, and lacked a little salt. But the breads were great and provided the extra flavor for a nice starter.

My main dish that evening was a honey-glazed salmon served with green beans and corn tomale. I enjoyed the salmon and thought everything was well cooked with plenty of flavor and attractively presented. It would be something I would order again and recommend. Erica had the traditional Happ Burger, a half pound burger served with fries. She said it was very good, highlighting the flavor of the meat. Again, the first two courses were very good, and I'm sure other dishes are made equally well.

We ordered one dessert to top off the meal, the cookie sundae. It's a chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream topped with a mound of whipped cream. It would have been very good if the ice cream was not already mostly melted. There was also too much whipped cream to dig through in order to get to the cookie and ice cream.

The meal by and large was tasty, but the overall experience had areas for improvement. The service was surprisingly sub-par, and the dessert did not keep up with the rest of the meal. The value is good with my main dish at $15, $9 burgers and $6.50 desserts. I would come back, or recommend this for quick and simple meals. I probably would stay in the bar area, and watch sports. But in any event, if the Happ Inn could shore up some basic service training, the total experience would be much better.

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