Monday, April 26, 2010

Prairie Grass Cafe

Lucky for me I had lunch at Prairie Grass Cafe last week to catch up with a friend that lives in the suburbs. Unlucky for me the food wasn't very good but the company made up for it. I was surprised since I had heard good things about both "Prairie" locations. As someone else commented, I like the concept, the menu and the decor. The service was attentive and prompt, however the food didn't have a lot of flavor. I ordered a very straight forward pasta and meat sauce ("Tallgrass Beef" Penne Pasta Tossed in a Basil-Tomato-Meat Sauce with Parmesan and Bread Crumb Topping for $13.50). I love pasta with meat sauce, but this fell short of what I could make at home. I like the idea of all natural and "tallgrass beef," but it only matters if it adds taste. The presentation was interesting and I liked the bread crumb toppings, but it's hard to justify a $14 pasta dish that needed salt, pepper, garlic, oregano or any other spice. 

And just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I had a bite of the whitefish my friend ordered. Similar story, nice fish and well cooked, but lacking flavor (and hard to justify the $19 cost). I wish it was better, and if someone wanted to take me for another opinion I would go because I like the idea of sustainable and natural foods. Experiences worth remembering and recommending are about tasty food at reasonable prices; unfortunately my experience at Prairie Grass Cafe last Thursday had neither.

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  1. Go for brunch, Geoff and I are obsessed with their brunch!

  2. I completely agree with your review. My food wasn't good either. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't good. I hated to say anything bad about the place because I like the concept. There are just too many good places to eat in Chicagoland to spend your time and money here.

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