Friday, April 9, 2010

Sable Kitchen & Bar

I had a disappointing experience at Sable with high expectations, especially after visiting Gilt Bar and Longman & Eagle, which are going after a similar classic cocktail list + good food theme. Jed and I stopped at the bar for a post work drink and meal to see what the fuss was all about. The major difference between Sable and the others is that they are going for the upscale look and feel. It's kind of cool, kind of put off as well. The prices on the menu also match this theme (all drinks 12-15). The cocktail menu is cool and very deep; it reads like a book with "chapters" separating sections.

I enjoy sitting at the bar, but when there are actually seats at the bar. Some how they did not plan the correct number of chairs because there were sections of the bar that had none. Even after we found two unoccupied seats, our service was quite poor (and it was the same for everyone around us). There were 3 bartenders when it looked like there should have been 5. I feel bad for those guys, they were running around looking like crazy men trying to fill all the orders. Before we left another guy showed up with a very calm demeanor and seemed to get the crew somewhat back on track. But with everyone running around, we had to wait to order, wait to get food, wait to pay, etc.

The drinks we ordered were good and tasty, but probably not worth the combined $23. I think $8-10 is good cocktail price range, I don't care where you are or who's making it. I ordered a "Versailles" made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, and it cracks me up that people from Kentucky pronounce a french word "Ver-Sails." It was probably the best thing we ordered all night.

 As for the food, that's where things really fell off. The menu looks appealing, with most items offered on a half or whole basis for reasonable prices (usually $3 or 4 for half and double that for full). We ordered delicious looking soft pretzels with cheese, buffalo spare rib sliders (I think buffalo..) and little fried fishes. The bar bite pretzel was good and the melted cheddar cheese was an upscale approach to stadium style nacho cheese. At $6 for 3 pretzels, value is mixed. The spare rib sliders were also pretty good and tender. The best part was the glaze, but there wasn't enough of it to make it through the whole piece of meat. Bummer. Finally, maybe i didn't know what I was ordered, but the little fried fishes are as they sound: small sardine looking fishes drenched in fried batter served with aioli. I've never been a huge "fish 'n chips" person and this took the fried fish concept too far. I'm open to new things, but this was very fishy, very salty and not appealing.

When it's all said and done, $60 for two does not get you a lot of food, and it certainly did not get us a lot of service. If you don't walk in with a suit on, be prepared to feel out of place. When I want a nice cocktail, I will take my business elsewhere, and get better food.

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