Friday, April 23, 2010

Returning to Old Favorites - DMK and Hub

As much as I love to try new places, sometimes it's better to stick with what you know. Last week I had lunch at DMK Burger Bar with Erica, her mother and Jim after landing from Belize, and this week I met friends at Hub 51 for 50% sushi. Both places are high on my list of favorites to dine in Chicago and my recent experiences did nothing to change that.

After spending a week in Belize enjoying fresh and tasty fish, nothing says welcome home like an american burger bar. I didn't need an entire burger to myself, so Erica and I shared some mac 'n cheese (#1) and a turkey burger (#12). We also ordered a side of the salt and pepper fries to share with the group. As usual, we loved everything and sent back clean plates.

I didn't know until Michelle told me that Hub 51 started half-off sushi before 6pm. That's a good deal for good sushi. Erica and I met up with Mich to enjoy cheap sushi and other hub staples Tuesday. Even though Erica and I ordered two rolls (miso glazed salmon, crunchy tuna), we also craved the veggie tacos. After all, I needed to get my rice and beans fix. And no trip to Hub is complete without some of Martha's Carrot Cake; completely unnecessary but delicious as always.

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