Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Keeping with the Sushi theme, I went to Nori for lunch on Monday following my Sunday night dinner at Macku.It wasn't exactly planned, but I was meeting Joanna for lunch and she saw that they serve half priced maki from 11am-6pm. Yes, half price rolls for 7 hours. We decided to give it a go since it's new, carved out from space from Penny's Noodles next door.

For the $23 we spent on an order of gomae and 4 maki rolls, the food was good. Is it the best sushi on the block, not likely. But it was fresh and good and perfect for lunch or an early dinner. My room mate says good sushi isn't cheap, and I agree. However I am also looking for cheap sushi that is good, and this qualified.

Unlike the gomae from Macku, this was served traditional with only sesame dressing. We ordered four rolls for the two of us because we were hungry: Ebi Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Unagi-Q and Rainbow. The spicy tuna was more mayo and less tuna, but tasty none the less. The rainbow was standard, nice to have fresh avocado at the start of spring. My favorite though was the Ebi tempura, a great combination of crunchy tuna with avocado and unagi sauce.

 Again, not ground breaking but I could eat a lot of sushi when they only cost $3-4 each. When you combine good food with friendly service and a convenient location you get a recipe for success. Next time I'll go back for 6pm BYOB sushi dinner with a group of friends. Maybe you should too.

Located at Sheffield and Diversey

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