Wednesday, March 17, 2010

M Burger

I didn't realize In 'N Out Burger arrived in Chicago until I visited LEYE's latest venture, M Burger. And when I make that comparison to the West Coast institution, I mean it with high compliments. Little things like the cardboard tray, the wrapper and the secret menu items all seem influenced from that famous chain. I'm not surprised that a burger stand (literally 8 seats in the place) that shares a kitchen with TRU would serve high quality and delicious food from a very simple and direct menu. The clientele featured a wide range of Michigan Ave. shoppers, hospital workers, business suits and casual diners like me. Be aware, if you go during lunch hours there will be a long line.

Your options are straight forward: single or double burger, cheese burger or M Burger, veggie burger or chicken. Everything is priced under $5 and they offer fries and shakes to wash down your sandwich. I went with a secret menu item, the Hurt Burger, served with bbq sauce, lettuce, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese.

I highly recommend this choice as I loved the kick and bbq sauce. I probably could have ordered a double, or two of these, but then I would need to start Lipitor yesterday. Jed went with simple double cheese with secret sauce and enjoyed it, but I think he was eying my Hurt.  As I wrote about Edzo's, I enjoy the thin sliced, fresh and well cooked hamburger without a lot of fanfare. I really like the Hurt because it's a little different, tastes great, and is something you wouldn't normally make, or order, for yourself.

The fries were good, but don't stand up to the flavor of the burger. They taste fresh, but lack that great french fry salty punch.

M Burger may not be In 'N Out, but it's Hurt Burger combines flavors I have never tasted and loved. I want to try the shakes, and I can't wait until it warms up even more so they have outdoor seating. Like most things LEYE, this is a home run and the lines down the street are warranted. Even without TRU next door, I wouldn't be surprised to see another M Burger coming to at a street corner near you.

P.S. If you want more info on M Burger Secret menu, or other "hidden" gems check out 312 Dining Diva's rundown

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