Sunday, March 28, 2010


Where do 4 guys for for a cheap, quick lunch on a Saturday afternoon? The answer was Falafill. I had never been, but heard good reports. Even though it was only in the 40s today, the sun was out so we took a walk. My hunger level wasn't there for a full meal, but I did manage to get a taste. The sides I had were all great, and my friends thoroughly enjoyed their sandwiches. I've wondered why there are not more high quality Mediterranean/falafel stands. If there are please let me know. Besides serving good falafel, there is a do-it-yourself fixings bar for customization. All food is 100% vegetarian and well priced.

My small tasting from the salad bar (they gave me a falafel ball to try)

My buddy's falafel sandwich and fixings

Some VERY good sweet potato fries, nice and crispy

Falafill on Urbanspoon

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