Friday, March 12, 2010

Kinzie Chop House

Tonight we had dinner at Kinzie to celebrate a birthday. Lucky for us they still offer their 3 course prix fixe for $20, quite a good deal. Unlucky for me the food didn't taste all that great, but we didn't leave hungry and enjoyed great company. The menu was more extensive than I expected, offered a number of choices for the entre including salmon, tenderloins, pasta and chicken. 3 of the 4 of us ordered the tenderloin with one ordering the salmon. The salads were nothing to write home about, especially mine, but the Caesar looked and tasted well.

My tenderloin dish was mediocre and slightly over cooked with no real flavor to speak of. I know it's tenderloin and not fillet, but still disappointing. My mashed potatoes were very tasty and the sauce served on the plate did help overall satisfaction. My one small taste of the salmon dish further underscored the tenderloin's quality vs. other options. I'm sure there is high quality food served here, I just didn't order it tonight.

Our desert course was all-around pleasant. The ladies finished the chocolate cake, while the men did good damage to the cheesecake. The service was very good. We didn't even need to prompt for a candle in the birthday girl's cake, and the owner came over to say "happy birthday."

I had never been to Kinzie Chop House even though I've walked past it many times. I could taste hints of greatness but it never materialized fully into a complete meal. Maybe it was what we ordered, party due to the cheap prix fixe menu. We didn't leave hungry and most importantly, we celebrated a birthday in style.

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