Monday, March 29, 2010

Mt. Everest

It is only appropriate that one month before I take off for Nepal that Erica and I meet old friends (the Hirsch's) for dinner at Mt. Everest restaurant in Evanston. I generally enjoy Indian food, though I have not had it in a while and from what I've heard Mt. Everest is as good as any in Chicago. The four of us had a fine meal, lots of good food to share. If this is what I get to look forward to everyday in Nepal, I might come home much heavier than I left.

We started with some garlic naan (old school garlic bread) and Keema Samosa (minced lamb inside pastry). Everything after we ordered was family style accompanied with rice and more naan. We each choose a dish: Erica went with Tandori Chicken, I picked Chicken Saag, Stephie ordered Aloo Gobi (cauliflower sauteed) and Joel delighted us with Keema Mutter (minced lamb part II).

Tandori Chicken

The remaining trio and rice

The serving dishes do not look very big but they provide plenty of food. We only finished one dish, the cauliflower, and took home everything else. My favorite was the minced lamb, which is surprising because I'm not much of a lamb person usually. The chicken saag was tasty, especially the sauce, but the meat was a tad fatty for my taste. I could eat good meat on rice almost every day; throw in some vegetables and that's a balanced diet. Definitely check out Mt. Everest for good and cheap (the entire bill was $80) Indian/Nepali food. I realize ethnic food served in the States in not usually similar to where it came from, but if the style and flavors at Mt. Everest are anything like what I will eat in a month, I will be very full and happy.

My plate

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  1. Logically, if you are a foodie, one would know that NAAN is NOT an appetizer that you would start is an accompaniment WITH main dishes and truly serves as your fork in part.



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