Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mercadito - Again and Again

It seems like every other post of mine is for Mercadito. Not entirely true but this will be my fourth time going in a year. The most recent visit (if you can call it that) was last December for a company holiday dinner. It was my suggestion because it was close by, good food, great drinks and a lively atmosphere. As an added bonus it doesn't break the bank, something of high importance in this climate. We followed the advise of our server, and kept the game plan simple - keep the tacos and margaritas coming until we say stop.



Since it's been a while it might be hard for me to recall all the different tacos. I know we loved the carne, and I liked the mahi mahi. The others were good on a varying degree. If you've been to Mercadito before you know they love their drinks - and so do we. My favorite is the pepino el pyu (tres generaciones blanco, cucumber, lemon, hoja santa, cumin salt). The cucumber is a fun and refreshing twist to a margarita. We also really ate a lot of the chips, salsas and guacamole. The spicy salsa was my favorite (I think the one with peanuts), and the gaucs were also very tasty. I almost forgot, we also started with a few ceviche dishes the cleanse the palate between spicy salsa, gaucamole and our trays of tacos (not to mention it goes great with the drinks). There was ONE non taco dish ordered - the carne asada. Darn it was good: deliciously seasoned and cooked to order. Next time I go I think I might try a non taco dish.

It was a successful evening in all regards - good food, good drinks, good value and a good crowd. It may not be the best Mexican food in town, and it may have a "lively" (i.e. loud), but that's the point. You go to Mercadito to have a fun night with some good food on the side. They know their strength and execute well. If history is any guide I'll be back soon.

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  1. I love Mercadito. The camarĂ³n tacos are amazing, although I've yet to try their margaritas (I know, I know). Hope to go back next time I'm in town.



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