Friday, March 11, 2011

Blu Kitchen

Our second night in Jackson last weekend was celebrated at Blu Kitchen. Unfortunately Rafi didn't join us as he "apres skiied" quite hard Friday. I was expecting a Japanese restaurant with sushi and other fare. I was surprised that it was more traditional food with zero sushi rolls, but a very nice menu with plenty of raw sashimi choices. Our meal was ok, nothing special really. The desert cookie pie was fantastic, and the free range veal was our favorite dish. We had soup, vegetable tempura and see-weed salad for starters, octopus and tuna sashimi dishes, and finished with the veal and tuna tartare.

Our first few dishes were pretty good. The soup was fine and the seeweed salad very refreshing. Our tuna sashimi was served in sweet miso sauce that was nice, but the tuna was a bit soft and didn't taste amazingly fresh.

The next dishes were uninspiring for the most part. I enjoyed the octopus sashimi because it was served with spicy peppers and sauce. I loved it but my buddies thought the heat was high. None of us liked the tempura very much and the tuna tartare on wantons was also disappointing. I didn't care for the mayo.

Luckily the last two dishes were great - free range veal and our cookie pie dessert. Both filled us up with deliciousness and left us happy and full.
Our entire meal wasn't much to remember, but we did like the last two. I also enjoyed the atmosphere and decor, the entire restaurant is inside of a small "hanger" like building which was cool. I wouldn't rush back to Blu Kitchen because when I'm thinking Japanese in Jackson I usually gravitate to sushi. It was a fun place to try and mix things up.

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