Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fish Bar - First Look

The DMK Empire is expanding - next door is the latest called Fish Bar, and there's a new DMK going into the suburbs. Since I live so close and love DMK it was an easy decision to check out Fish Bar on it's opening weekend. There were crazy long wait times, which we passed mostly in our apartment, but still had a long wait to get seated even after we arrived. That's likely a small kink in the system that will get worked out as things get settled, and a risk when trying any new spot TOO soon after they arrive. I get what they are trying to accomplish and the vision - a fast paced, counter style spot dishing out seafood quickly and efficiently. What they likely did not expect was a gaggle of people just hanging out before and after eating - slowing down their entire process. Our overall experience was good, once we were seated. The service was friendly and quick, and our food arrived super fast. We really liked the grilled fluke and Erica's fried cod sandwich. Jed devoured his po' boy and we all loved the keylime pie for dessert. Additional things we tasted included shrimp (nothings special and a little small), garlic bread (awesomely garlic for only $2) and ceviche starter (kind of goofy texture and not a ton of flavor).

We started with the shrimp and ceviche. They came out lightning fast. We thought the ceviche had an interesting texture, kind of squishy, and there wasn't a lot of flavor (especially compared to central american/mexican styles). The shrimp were fine, with a tasty cocktail sauce but a bit smaller than expected.

Next up were the calamari and garlic bread. The bread smelled amazing and filled up the room. It's plenty large to share with people, though I'm not sure you will want to. Our fried calamari were also just ok, made a lot better with tartar and cocktail sauce. The plate came with a lot of the legs/spiny things as opposed to the round hoops. It also came with spicy peppers, a nice touch for those of us that like a little kick.

The best news is that our favorite dishes were the largest, or "main course" size. I went with the fluke and Erica chose a fried cod sandwich. Jed went with the highly recommended po' boy that he enjoyed. My fluke was well cooked and served with a nice citrus sauce (with a few pepper flakes). Erica liked the sandwich but thought there was a lot of sauce. I had a bite or two and highly approve.

Finally, we were talked into a keylime pie for dessert. They had two pie options (the other apple), and I'm sure they're both amazing. We did quick work on our slice. 

I'll be back since I live so close, but the product is not as delicious as their neighbor DMK Burger Bar. If they get the seating time down, or show up at an off hour, it'd be fun to sit at the counter and have a beer with some seafood. The food is good but not revolutionary and good value. Once they get the kinks out I'm sure it will succeed like DMK - and the empire will grow...

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  1. Interesting. Sounds like a mixed bag. It looks good, but worth a trip to LP for? Not sure.

    Have you been to Big & Little's on Orleans yet?

    P. Channon



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