Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moe's Cantina - River North

I had lunch at Moe's two weeks ago to meet up with some downtown friends. They have a lunch menu that's pretty good in terms of pricing and options. Unfortunately it doesn't taste all that great, which should not surprise given the first thing that comes to mind is a raucous, wrigleyville, college bar scene. I was also shocked that the River North variation looks IDENTICAL to its northern cousin. The doors are the same and in the same location. The bar and seats are all the same, almost every detail was imported from the original location. Maybe that's a testament to consistency, but I'm not sure it works like that in this case.

I ordered fish tacos - it came with four of them plus a small side of rice and beans. Everything was pretty mid grade Mexican, made all the more obvious when around the corner is XOCO and the Bayless empire. Maybe I'm being harsh since Moe's is a bar primarily, and it was well equipped with plenty of seats and TVs. Thanks goodness since we were watching March college basketball. They also served a nice trio of salsas and chips on the table, which may have been the culinary highlight.

Our lunch was fun because we had basketball, good chips and salsa, and great company. The menu is perfectly adequate and priced in the market, I just don't love the flavors. Oh well, that's what happens when you go to a bar for a meal - but at least we at the TVs.

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  1. I was def. not a fan of this place. The staff was very rude, and the food mediocre. I wish the did something unique with the huge space.

  2. We meet again...

    food = meh!

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