Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Bunnery - Jackson, WY

If you've ever been to Jackson, WY, you've probably stopped into The Bunnery for a delicious and hearty breakfast. Usually we stop in before we head to the mountains, but we ran out of time and had to make a quick stop on the way to the airport. At least we were able to enjoy some great juice, eggs and their famous OSM - oatmeal, sunflower and millet mix (pancake, bread or waffles). I'm a waffle fan so that's what I ordered while Alyssa had an egg dish. I enjoy the OSM because it's not something I usually eat and I like the idea of all that nutrition. They also have great granola if you're into that. Anyway, The Bunnery is a Jackson institution, and if you want to try some of that OSM or granola goodness, check out their website to order online.

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