Saturday, March 19, 2011

Piccolo Sogno

We had been waiting for a reason to get back to Piccolo Sogno for over a year. I'm not sure why we waited that long other than new restaurants keep popping up. We picked a worth occasion (Erica's mom's birthday) to make a return trip, though I sincerely hope it's not another year before returning. There's a lot of Italian restaurants in the city, especially lately, but I still believe Piccolo belongs with the best of them, especially per dollar spent. The pizza and pasta are fresh and delicious, our service attentive and well informed and everything else complimentary authentic. We didn't order a main course (all pasta dishes), but if my memory serves me those were top notch too. I want to try other new Italian restaurants for comparison sake, but PS will remain a solid go-to for great Italian in the city.

We started with a wood fired, tasty fresh pizza to share (that they cut and served on individual plates for us...nice touch). I might need to try more of the pizzas because they are awesome. I also had a fresh green salad and Jordan had a minestrone soup. The salad was ok, nothing special, but nothing wrong with the mixed salad. We should have ordered another pizza.

As I said, everyone was in a pasta mood, but we all ordered very different dishes. Jordan loves fruit de mer pastas (sea food pasta) and that was his choice. Erica had the ravioli, I went with a special wheat pasta with meat sauce, and Jean ordered the stracci di farro (Farro flour pasta triangles, leeks, asparagus, garlic, truffle oil) - the dish I was going to order but she was the birthday girl so I gave in :) I'd say my whole wheat spaghetti was the least interesting and number four on the taste level. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but having made a lot of wheat pasta at home, it's hard to make it fantastic without gallons of oil,butter,garlic, cheese, etc. I appreciate the option of a healthier dish - though I should have ordered something I normally don't eat at home to enjoy the fruits of great cooking at Piccolo. Erica's ravioli “piccolo sogno” (Four cheese ravioli, pine nuts, butter, Marsala glaze, parmesan curls) was very tasty, especially for a traditional pasta dish. She shared with us but only reluctantly. It was a good order. My favorite though was Jean's stracci. I loved the richness of the pasta and the flavors of the garlic, cheese and asparagus. I would love to have an entire plate of that - a great dish.

 Wheat spaghetti
 sea food pasta
stracci di farro

And since we were in a celebratory mood we finished the meal with three scoops of very good gelato. The two flavors we loved the most were brandy/raisin and chocolate chip. Again, another plate I didn't want to share. 
We had a great meal at good value. Erica wants to return when the weather allows them to open up the back patio. I know there is good Italian in the city but this must be one of the best. I look forward to going back without waiting 13 months.

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