Friday, January 28, 2011

Bangkok Thai - Park City, UT

As I mentioned the other week, the boys took a fun trip to Park City for some skiing, movies and parties. We succeeded on all fronts. It was such a good weekend that we didn't have a lot of time to eat out. Monday night was our lone opportunity and it was jammed in between movies. Bangkok Thai on Main had an opening and it was centrally located. We ate quick and the food was pretty good. Our service was pretty bad, spilling beer, messing up orders and having a hard time tracking down our server (when I asked a different server if I could give him our bill he replied sharply "no, give it to YOUR server). Anyway, the food was ok, the beer was pretty good and the portions were large (though we did pay for it - something James called "sundance pricing").  Apparently Bangkok has an award winning wine list, I guess we'll have to find out next time.

We started with a tasty tuna tartare for the table, and I ordered Pad Siew (though I received Pad Thai). James had a curry, Carson a rice dish and Dustin the Pad Siew I wanted. Most dishes went back empty and everyone seemed to enjoy the food. I couldn't believe how many noodles they served, though the price might help explain it  ($16!)

Even with the poor service and high prices, the food is pretty good. We were in a rush and probably didn't get a full and true experience. I'm on the fence with a recommendation, it could be worth going to or it could be worth finding the local cheap noodle shop. If someone has a different take please share!

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