Friday, January 7, 2011

Maude's Liquor Bar - First Look

I've had to pleasure of eating and tasting my way through the Maude's menu the past two nights (last night with the now engaged! Mish and Doug) during their opening week. A word of advice: it's on the smaller side and seating is limited, book in advance. The upstairs "lounge" area is gorgeous, dark and fun - and also very popular (try to reserve if possible). The decor is well documented as fresh and quirky, but well composed. Individual items may seem in contrast and out of place, but that's the point and it works.

The drinking and dining are first rate, highlighting a playful use of ingredients and showcasing extreme culinary skill. I have not tasted everything on the menu but I have yet to find any "misses." My least favorite dish was escargot, though that's just because I've never had it before and they are drenched in garlic butter. I love butter and garlic, but I wouldn't know what good snails should taste like. I would prefer to save my consumption of fat and butter to other dishes.

Everything else that came our way was a hit. A quick rundown:
  • The shaved vegetables are straightforward and well dressed
  • We loved the sausage of the day with amazing lentils, a unique and delicious combo
  • The fish of the day was skate, a fun fish to eat with unique "bones," and well seasoned
  • Beef short-ribs were ordered on both visits - enough said
  • Pomme frites with garlic aioli is as good as it sounds and the cheese of the day is simply good (for cheese lovers)
  • Finally, our favorite dish thus far is the french onion fondue. Think french onion soup without the soup. Incredible.

Seafood? We've tried the tower once before with great success, and would be a perfect way to spend the evening for two people. Doug ordered mussels and I did not hear any complaints. I haven't tried the dessert yet, but that should change shortly.  My favorite drink is any "smash," but any cocktail can be made to order or peruse the wine list.




 Shaved vegetables


 THE French Onion Fondue

 Beef shortrib


 Sausage and lentils

While I have an interest in Maude's success, the balance of atmosphere, drinks and superb food food speaks for itself. The space is small (even smaller upstairs), so plan accordingly. I am happy to report the first 4 Star of the year.

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  1. I think I could eat escargot every day for the rest of my life! Give it another shot, preferably in France of course!

    Somewhat jealous that you hit Maude's twice in one week!!

  2. Oh, how I love Maude's dearly. She is exquisite in every way!

  3. Its very dark in the place which adds to its chill vibe plus wifi makes it a great place to get work done or drink with someone special. They also have the best music playlist in the city hands down.



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