Thursday, January 13, 2011

DMK Burger Bar

DMK is still the best food serving establishment in close proximity to our apartment. We went a few times after it opened in 2009 but have since spent more time exploring Chicago’s vast dining scene (i.e. I Like to Eat). I am glad we decided to reacquaint ourselves with the Burger Bar because they have only gotten better with time. The menu is complete though still focused on burgers while the sides have been perfected. What brought us back to DMK recently was their great New Years Eve party special - $75 for drinks and passed food all night at a table. It was a great way to ring in the New Year with good drinks and more food than we could handle. They also introduced their “breakfast burgers” after midnight (meat, eggs, cheese, etc on a bun – delicious). After our fun night with friends, Erica and I decided we would return for a proper meal and enjoy the close proximity of high quality food. 

We planned our return for a quick bite before heading to the airport Wednesday. Erica, having been inspired on NYE, went with the #10 Turkey burger (a solid choice), while I opted for the non-meat variety #12. Both were delicious and better than I remembered. We also could not have a meal without the mac and cheese and French fries. Both were completely unnecessary as we rolled ourselves home, but tasty none the less. Erica would prefer a “cheesier” mac ‘n cheese but I think it’s good as is. Our only mistake was not leaving any room for the milk shakes. We might just make a trip back for dessert. 

I’m glad to see DMK continues to serve great food and innovates along the way. I also look forward to the neighboring “fish” project to open in the near future. Cheers for keeping up the good work.

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