Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lola - St. Louis

We completed our 24 hour downtown St. Louis culinary tour with a fantastic brunch at Lola. Actually, we wanted brunch but did not realize until we sat down that “brunch” only qualifies on weekends. The menu still looked good for “lunch” so we made do with great food. 

I was still in a breakfast mood (something about the first meal of the day…) and found the perfect dish – ham and cheese sandwich served on French toast with maple syrup and French fries. It was very good, not too rich and extremely filling. Everyone received fries with their order and thank goodness, because no one would be willing to share. The aioli sauce was a great compliment. 

Jon went with a burger and I didn’t hear any complaints, while Erica chose a turkey, cheese and avocado sandwich. By now you should have figured out that Erica likes to try mac ‘n cheese where available. I’m glad we ordered it as a side because it was table favorite, particularly instead of the chicken sandwich.
We ate at Lola’s lunchtime on a Tuesday. From what I can tell, it gets busy and lively for dinner time, especially with a long and enticing cocktail list. If dinner is as good as lunch/brunch, then I would be happy to return and stay awhile. Lola’s is a solid destination for downtown St. Louis. 

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