Thursday, January 27, 2011


Everyone has such great things to say about Anteprima, unfortunately we did not get to taste all those praises. We were in the mood for a good Italian dinner and more than a few friends have encouraged me to take Anteprima off my wish list. It also helps that there is a three course "meal" (not really a prix fixe...) for $29 Sunday through Thursday with very little restrictions. Even with a great price and great hype, the food did not perform. The most common flavor was little flavor at all. "Bland" was the word of the night, which is hard to fathom for Italian food when all you have to do is add olive oil and garlic. Oh well, not our best meal but you can't win them all.

The three course "special" allows you to choose one entree, and any two other dishes (half pasta, dessert, starter - it doesn't matter the combination). I was impressed with the size and scope of the menu, especially since a lot of choices push the envelope of "traditional" Italian cuisine (i.e. NOT Maggianos or Mia Francesca). But what concerned us was that even though we had six dishes to choose for dinner, we had trouble finding that many that looked appealing. I realize we might have been acting picky, but that is usually a red flag in my mind that my personal taste preferences might not match well with the Chef's. We decided on a celery salad, two small pasta starters, one large pasta main, halibut and a dessert.


Maybe a celery salad is hard to make flavorful, but all I could taste was the very good parmesan cheese. Our two small pasta dishes were tagliatelle with mushrooms and linguine with crab meat. The tagliatelle was pretty bland throughout, where the linguine crab was very fishy tasting. The entrees were the best course of the evening. Erica liked the Halibut, though my little bite was uninspiring, and my pasta (orecchiette with spicy lamb) was good though slightly over cooked. I really enjoyed the spicy sauce and flavors of the lamb. We ended the meal with a refreshing lemon panna cotta.

Maybe my expectations were unreasonable, but the food was still below regular standards - especially for feel good Italian. We had good service with a friendly and knowledgeable server. The atmosphere was a bit loud but it's nice to be in a lively and packed restaurant on a Wednesday evening. While this meal wasn't fabulous, I do look forward to checking out their next project Acre next door.

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  1. Blogger meet-up at Maude's? Yes, please! Should we get an email out for Feb?

  2. Well then, I won't be going here!

    Blogger meet-up at Maude's sounds great but I am out of commission definitely until Feb 12th. Week of 14th will be tough too. Grrrr. Want to go to Maude's!



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