Monday, January 10, 2011

Jade Restaurant.Lounge - St. Louis, MO

On our drive back from Arkansas (thankfully before birds and fish were dying everywhere...), we decided to go via St. Louis to hang out with Jon and break up the long trip. I still have not figured out why driving all day makes me tired and hungry. It makes no sense but the only cure is to find food and a bed.

The best idea we had for a chilly Monday night was Jade - a nearby asian/chinese/sushi/party lounge. It was understandably empty which only meant we had great service. MNF beer specials didn't hurt either. The three of us kept it simple, ordering Mongolian beef, noodles with chicken, and a few sushi rolls. We started with chicken pot stickers.

We had a nice meal with pretty good food. Jon's favorite, mongolian beef, was stellar and I enjoyed the noodles dish as well. The pot stickers were ok, a little doughy and un organized but tasty. The least favorite was the sushi rolls. They didn't have a lot of flavor and the seaweed was impossible to chew.

Jon mentioned that this unassuming asian restaurant turns into a full night club/lounge on the weekends. I'd love to see that, and can only imagine what could happen when the beer, sake and fried noodles are flowing. Until then, I recommend checking out Jade if you're in downtown St. Louis for a simple but good quick asian meal.

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