Tuesday, February 1, 2011

People Lounge

It's my own fault, but I'm slightly mad/disappointed it has taken me since December 10th to write about People Lounge. I hope my friends Geoff and Ashley don't hate me since we went to this together (and it was their idea!) For one reason or another it's been tough catching up on the writing, and it is in no way a reflection on the meals (I try to keep in chronological order for my own sanity, but that's not working out too well). Enough punishment.

The four of us headed to People Lounge on a Friday night for a post-Bulls game meal. It was on the late side so getting a table wasn't a problem (I've heard otherwise at regular times). The place has a fun vibe with TVs over a long bar (with lots of people hanging out, getting to know each other a little too much for public consumption, etc) and busy but happy servers. Geoff and Ashley had been before so we let them take care of ordering off of the Spanish-influenced tapas menu. Erica requested goat cheese with red sauce, and I love the spicy potatoes. Everything else was a surprise more or less. Our service was great, the food mostly good and the sangria a disappointment. The value isn't bad, about $40 per person all-in, with two pitchers and lots of food.

I wish I remembered all the details of the food, but unmemorable dishes says something too. The potatoes and goat cheese were great, and the tuna tartare was first rate. I didn't love the empanada, or the chicken dish, but the scallops were pretty tasty and well cooked. They only served three and with a side of scalloped potatoes in block form. The scalloped potatoes were a little too over the top for the dish and overall scene. Our desserts were tasty - traditional flan and a very rich chocolate lava cake. At that point in the evening we were not eating everything on our plate.

From top to bottom: empanadas, goat cheese, tuna tartare, spicy potatoes, scallops, chicken, flan, chocolate cake

When you're located at Damen and North, it is not surprising to focus on drinks and atmosphere vs. food experience. People Lounge is a fun spot that serves good food and fits into the neighborhood well. It would not be my first stop for world class tapas, nor do I think they would disagree. I wish they would modify their sangria recipes a bit (actually tone down the alcohol), but I'm probably in the minority. It's a good choice for a fun night out.

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  1. We've walked by People Lounge countless times and really never once had the urge to stop in. Your take on the food affirms what we had been thinking all along...

  2. The food looks great on photos. Is it really as tasty as it looks?

  3. I think you picked better dishes than I the last time i went. Makes me want to go back! yum-o


  4. I agree a blogger meet-up over tapas is in order! What's your favorite tapas in the city? Mine is actually people :) Probably bc i had a great experience there. A couple years back during a wicked storm they lost power and let us finish our meal in candle light until the rain/wind stopped. It was pretty neat.

  5. Funny...I don't live far from here and have no idea where it is! But I think I will be giving it a pass...



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